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How Burst Pipes Harm House and its Foundation

This guide helps you to know how burst pipe damage your house and its foundation.


Burts pipes are costly, as replacing them can cost several thousand dollars, depending on the damaged area. If pipes are left unfixed for an extended time or period can cause damage to your home’s foundation and structure.

Most of the burst pipe is caused by the growth of water when it freezes in cold weather conditions. 

What is a burst pipe?

A burst pipe is a water supply line that breaks cause of sudden freezing temperatures. When the surrounding ground of your home gets cold and freeze-dry. It can create pressure on your pipes. 

How burst pipes damage your house:

Bursting water supply lines can affect the entire house in so many ways. The most common issues are being harmful to your home’s foundation, windows, walls, and doors.



  • Exterior walls: A burst pipe can cause water damage to your home’s exterior walls. If the water drip in and freezes it can cause the Sheetrock to crumble and even fall off the wall.

  • Roof: A burst pipe can also harm your roof. If you see any water damage on your roof, it's necessary to take action right away to stop further damage.

  • Foundation: If you have a burst pipe in your home’s foundation it can cause extensive damage to the structure of your house. Sadly this type of damage is not being seen often until it’s too late. So it's necessary to be careful in checking for any signs of damage.

A burst pipe can create a lot of damage to your house. Not just because of water but from the potential for structural damage as well. A foundation repair company in Knoxville can help you with any water leaking needs.

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