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Fix Wet Basement with Basement Waterproofing
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Fix Wet Basement with Basement Waterproofing
Know in detail about how basement waterproofing is a best solution for a wet basement problems.

Wet basement is a major problem and cannot be avoided. A wet basement not only smells bad, and it will also reduce the value of home. So first let’s know what causes a wet basement. Here are some common causes of wet basement:


Poor drainage and gutter system:

The most common cause of foundation damage is weak drainage and gutter systems. Overfilled gutters, not in the right direction, directed ground water around your home’s foundation during heavy rain falls. This causes first on foundation walls, then causing cracks in the walls. Only trusted foundation repair experts can help you with issues.

Plumbing Leaks:

Basement water leaks are caused by old water tanks, heaters and damaged pipes. If you find water stains on ceilings or drywall then this is a sign of weak plumbing, in this issue a basement leak profession can help.

So now how to fix this wet basement let’s know some tips for that:

Waterproofing your walls:

By installing an interior and exterior drainage system removes water and it cannot fix the walls waterproof. You need a system outside called french drain systems that protect your house from outside and safeguard exterior waterproofing and foundation both.

Install gutter extensions:

If downspouts throw away water less than 5 feet from your house, use plastic or metal gutter gutter extensions to throw more water away. 

Know more in detail about how basement waterproofing solves other basement problems.

So at last mostly houses have a basement problem but ignoring them creates serious trouble and causes more money. Consider hiring the foundation repair professional contractor Guardian Foundation Repair.

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