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Overhead Doors Distributor and Installation Services in Tennessee
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Overhead Doors Distributor and Installation Services in Tennessee
IES offers sales, service, and installation as a supplier for loading dock needs to the tri-state area. Call IES at (901) 363-2112 for your overhead door needs.
Since 1979Industrial Equipment & Specialties has been providing businesses with the highest quality products, services, and solutions to commercial dock and door customers throughout the Mid-South.

Looking for overhead doors in Tennessee? Call Industrial Equipment & Specialties at (901) 363-2112  or connect with us online for commercial and industrial overhead door solutions.

Sectional Overhead Doors
Sectional overhead doors
 are panel–style doors that run vertically along the wall or liftback over the loading dock area. These doors can be insulated or non-insulated, motor-operated, or manual. They are the economic option for most facilities.

Coiling doors

Coiling doors are slat-style doors that roll up around a barrel. These units are perfect for low headroom or large opening-type applications.

RYTEC Fast-Fold® Electric Door

With its natural ability to withstand forklift impact without sustaining damage, the Fast-Fold® door introduced the Break-Away™ concept to the United States in 1985. It can be used almost anywhere, for interior, exterior, warehousing, manufacturing, or commercial applications.

Design Highlights
  • Fast: Opens at up to 84 inches per second for improved traffic flow.
  • Threshold Safety: With its full height, clear PVC panels, the Fast-Fold provides great visibility and added safety for interior applications where fork trucks and other equipment are crossing the threshold in both directions, crossing the door’s traffic lane, or both.
  • Energy Efficient: Overlapping Puralon™ panels with rope tie panel connectors offer a great seal to dramatically reduce energy loss.
  • Durable & Low Maintenance: Engineered to last millions of cycles with minimum maintenance.
  • Takes A Hit: Withstands fork truck impact with little or no damage, virtually eliminating downtime.
  • Easy Installation: Modular construction and easy to hang panel mounting hardware allow for quick and easy installation.

RYTEC Spiral® VP™ Sping Balanced (SVP-B)

For commercial environments with light to moderate traffic, the lower speed/lower cycle Spiral VP door offers aesthetic quality, durable performance, and reliable security.

  • Architecturally designed to complement the high-speed Spiral® line – for lower speed, lower cycle applications
  • Crisp lines provide a stylish look ideal for new and existing auto dealerships and commercial automotive applications
  • ‘Moving facade’ provides open accessibility and secure separation in hospitality-focused environments
  • Unmatched 20-year warranty on high-cycle components including rollers, hinges and door tracks

RYTEC Spiral®

The Spiral® commercial overhead door offers high-speed operation for high-traffic situations and rigid aluminum slat construction that eliminates the need for a second security door.

  • No metal-to-metal contact reduces wear on the door panel and offers fast, quiet operation.
  • Opening speeds up to 60 inches per second allow for improved traffic flow and enhanced customer perception.
  • Counterbalance system, patented spiral design, and AC drive reduce wear and increase door longevity, with minimal preventative maintenance.
  • Double-walled aluminum slats, integral rubber weather seals, and a heavy-duty hinge system provide solid security.

RYTEC Spiral® LH®

The Spiral® LH® (Low Headroom) door offers high-speed for high-traffic situations. It meets low headroom garage door requirements for parking garages and other commercial structures.

  • Special track design allows a door to fit with as little as 10 inches of clearance.
  • Innovative engineering uses a compact, variable-speed motor to achieve opening speeds up to 60 inches per second within a smaller footprint.
  • Counterbalance system, patented spiral design, and AC drive reduce wear and increase door longevity, with minimal preventative maintenance.

RYTEC Predadoor NXT®

The PredaDoor NXT is the top-selling high-speed roll-up door with next-generation features. Ideal for interior and exterior applications where speed, low maintenance, and dependability are critical.

  • Limited amount of conventional wear parts require minimal maintenance or repair for the life of the door.
  • Fast opening speeds, up to 50 inches per second, improve traffic flow, productivity and energy conservation.
  • NXT Quick-Set repair allows the door to be easily reset without tools.
  • Variable AC drive and intelligent controller reduce wear on door parts and control power consumption.

RYTEC Powerhouse SD®

Compared to conventional industrial rubber roll-up doors, the Powerhouse® SD is virtually indestructible while offering power, performance, and dependability to meet the demands of the world’s most extreme environments.

Ideal for heavy equipment, storage, government, parking, manufacturing, and warehousing, the Powerhouse® SD can be built up to 24′ wide x 30′ high.

  • Stronger, tougher and sturdier than conventional rubber doors.
  • No shear bolts, wear-away parts or field repairs are required after most impacts.
  • Direct-drive, variable speed motor and no conventional wear parts extend the life of the door with minimal maintenance.
  • Release & Restore™ system allows the panel to release without damage to the panel, side frames or bottom bar, and self-reset in just seconds.

RYTEC Fast-Fold® Pneumatic Door

Running on standard shop air with very few moving parts, the Fast-Fold® Pneumatic door is a classy yet economical alternative to impact doors and strip curtains. Ideal for cold storage, manufacturing and warehousing, the Fast-Fold® Pneumatic can be built up to 12′ wide x 14′ high.

  • Overlapping Puralon™ panels provide energy efficiency by creating a tight seal and reducing energy loss.
  • Opening speeds of up to 72 inches per second offer improved traffic flow with instant access to the full height of the opening.
  • Pneumatic cylinders are built to provide years of trouble-free operation.

 RYTEC Clean-Roll®

The Clean-Roll allows for a complete wash-down with numerous sanitary features. It’s engineered with stainless steel components for applications requiring absolute cleanliness while providing low-maintenance and energy-saving benefits as well.

  • Engineered to meet USDA hygienic standards for meat, poultry, dairy, and seafood applications.
  • Designed for complete wash-down while innovative engineering prevents liquid contaminants from dripping into the traffic pathway, improving productivity.
  • USDA/FDA-compliant design virtually eliminates potential sites for germ manifestation.
  • High-speed operation, up to 50 inches per second, helps maintain a safe, controlled environment.

RYTEC Spiral® VP Lower Speed, Lower Cycle Rigid Door

Featuring the stylish design and structural integrity of the Spiral® high-performance door series, the Spiral VP® door offers a new combination of quality, value, and performance for lower speed, lower cycle applications.

Spiral® VP for Transitional/Hospitality Areas
  • Shatter-proof and scratch-resistant LEXAN™ slats provide visibility and natural light
  • Rigid door durability provides security
  • Small footprint, allowing installation almost anywhere

Spiral® VP for Low Cycle Traffic
  • Same look as other Rytec Spiral® model doors for a consistent look
  • Standard lift, high lift, and vertical lift options available
  • Sleek styling, quiet functioning, and compact profile

Tennessee's Most Reliable Overhead Door Distributor and Service Provider

IES offers sales, service, and installation as a supplier for loading dock needs to the tri-state area with a mix of quality product lines that have a national reach.

Stuck with a service challenge you can’t fix? We can help. Industrial Equipment & Specialties love the challenge of finding solutions to your biggest problems. We are your single-source provider for solutions that work for your loading dock products and service needs.

Call Industrial Equipment & Specialties today at (901) 363-2112 or connect with us online to discover why we are Tennessee's most reliable overhead door distributor and service provider. 
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IES offers sales, service, and installation as a supplier for loading dock needs to the tri-state area with a mix of quality product lines that have a national reach.