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Hendersonville Muffler

Hendersonville Muffler Company is in the business of repairing anything and everything in an automobile or truck. We are also the best place in Hendersonville for auto high performance repairs.
Address208 Louise Ave
Phone+1 (615) 822-1455

High Quality Low Priced Auto Repairs in Hendersonville, TN

We are a full service auto repair shop that can perform any type of repair for your car or truck in Hendersonville. We have half a million dollars worth of diagnostic and hand tools to take care of all of your car or truck repairs. We also have a modern exhaust tubing bender to repair or create custom exhaust systems. While we do install more mufflers and catalytic converters than any other automotive repair shop in Hendersonville Tennessee we do a lot more than replace mufflers and exhaust systems here at Hendersonville Muffler Company. A lot of our automotive repair customers come here their first time looking for custom exhaust systems and quickly discover that we give great automotive repair service on the whole vehicle. Many of our customers looking for high performance start with the exhaust system, so we do a lot of high performance automotive and high performance truck repairs. We have been happily performing car repairs and light truck repairs in the Hendersonville, Tennessee area for years and we have developed a great reputation here in Hendersonville for quality automotive repairs.

Bumper To Bumper Automotive Repairs.

Automotive Repairs For Vehicles From 1902- Present

1930 Ford TruckWe love repairing cars and trucks whether they are from 1902 or 2018. I didn't get into this field because I don't like cars and trucks. I love what I do. We literally repair cars and trucks From Hendersonville, Old Hickory and Nashville from bumper to bumper. Most automotive repair shops and mechanic shops in general don't like repairing exhaust systems. This is sort of funny as exhaust systems are one of the many systems that have been present on cars and trucks since they were invented.

Hendersonville Muffler Company is committed to repairing EVERY system in cars and trucks. Besides exhaust systems we repair cooling systems, timing belts and timing chains, tuborcharger and supercharger systems, lighting and electrical systems, braking systems, engines, transmissions and differentials, four wheel drive components such as transfer cases and associated electronics, computers and modules, carburetors for older vehicles, fuel pumps and fuel systems for all cars and trucks. In short we repair the entire vehicle from bumper to bumper and from the bottom to the top, (including convertable tops).

Cars and trucks had to start somewhere and I still have respect for those engineers that took a few theories and made the automobile engine actually run and drive. Cars and trucks were used to replace horse and animal driven vehicles. In the early days cars and trucks were VERY unreliable and almost anyone who drove them had to know a little bit about auto repair. Before cars and trucks came with hydraulic brakes they used cable operated brakes just as the first drum brake horse carriages had. These cable brakes had be adjusted every week so almost everyone who drive a car or truck new a little about brake repairs. All older cars came from the factory with carburetors and manual fuel pumps. The carburetors had to be adjusted every time the weather changed and almost any mechanic shop could change a fuel pump for you. Cars and trucks have definitely become more reliable today. At the same time there are less components that for auto repair that can be done by someone who is not a skilled automotive technician. We love these older vehicles. I would be happy to be the last shop in town that still rebuilds carburetors, differentials, and drum brakes. I will happily put a new diaphragm in your manual fuel pump in your old vehicle or install a high volume electric fuel pump and modify the ECM or PCM and put bigger injectors in your new car or truck. From the very beginnings of my automotive repair career I knew how important automotive electrical repairs were. Cars and trucks have had electrical components from the very first day. (Internal combustion is not possible without it).

We have embraced technology as it has emerged. Though I love the 1937 Ford truck that you see here I also love the 2017 truck that I repaired the other day with electric running boards, power steering, climate controlled air conditioning, and an electric tailgate. The truth is that I have as much fun driving either one of these trucks and my responsibilities to properly repair both of these vehicles is exactly the same. As much as I love this truck just the way that it sits if the customer asked me to I would install this really cool Corvette engine and would take the drum brakes off of it and install disc brakes into it and I would do a great job of that also.2015 Chevrolet Corvette Engine


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